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Innovative and flexible coolant valve technology for next-generation thermal management systems.


  • A single solution allows multiple configurations
  • Developed for customer specific requirements
  • Modular concept for the adaptation and optimization of new or existing cooling circuits

Stacked cross valve:

  • Two stacked cross valve units (2-in / 2-out)
  • Hermetically sealed, no leakage between valve units
  • Cost savings through the use of a single actuator
  • Smart or non-smart actuators (LIN bus control)
  • Synchronous and independent switching of the valve positions
  • Functional design through sophisticated common-part concept
  • 25 l/min flow at max. 3 bar (working pressure)

Variants as a simple cross valve:

  • Like stacked cross valve, with only one cross valve unit (2-in / 2-out)

Variant as 3-way control valve:

  • One valve unit (1-in / 2-out or 2-in / 1-out)
  • Modified sliding piston and housing for proportional control
  • Same housing as the cross valve unit (modified by mold inserts)
  • Proportional flow distribution and mixing possible


  • Coolant

Housing Materials:

  • Nylon