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246 NX elektrisch

246NX Heated

The electrically heated variant of VOSS Quick Connect System 246NX is made for the connection of electrically heated lines for SCR, fuel cell and water injection systems.

  • Electrically heated plastic plugs
  • Connection of tube and plug by laser welding
  • System specific connection profile 246 allows for low heights of ports and adapters
  • Sensor integration
  • Safe and efficient thawing performance
  • Port acc. to VOSS standard
  • For 12 and 24 volt systems, also for PWM control
  • Nominal sizes 8 and 12 for different tube sizes
  • Temperature range -40°C to +120°C
  • Operating pressure max. 10 bar

VOSS Quick Connect System 246NX

VOSS Quick Connect 246NX Coolant Heated